Tubeless Endomorph

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet and put the Endo back on the rear wheel, tubeless of course.  I’m tired of getting a thorn puncture nearly every time I go for a ride, and I didn’t want to do tubeless while I was running the Floyd because I knew I’d be putting the Endo back on for the winter any day now.  We had a significant snow last week, and more on the way, so it’s time.

In contrast to the tubeless Larry on the front, I decided to try to get the tire to seat without using the compression strap.  The Endo bead does not seal as tightly as the Larry’s, so I didn’t think it would work.  However, I found that if I pushed down on the center of the tire with my thumb right over the valve stem while I was blowing in compressed air, the tire seated right away!  I suspect that the rapid flow of air formed a pressure wave that pushed the tire bead to the sides ahead of it as it raced around the tire in both directions from the valve.  All I had to do to get the process started was get the bead to seat directly over the valve and boom!  The whole thing seated almost instantly.  Needless to say, this would be futile without a pretty decent compressor.

I used the same rolling darryl rimstrip / gorilla tape combo as before.  This time, however, I forgot that the tire had been punctured by the thorn from hell just before I switched over to the Floyd — there was a 1/4″ or more cut in the tire that, although Stan’s sealed it, would bubble and sputter every time I pushed on that part of the tire.  Sadly, I had to deflate the tire and apply a tire boot.  This was a real pain: I had to bend way over and look up into the tire casing to see what I was doing, because I had to keep the area that I was booting at the very top of the wheel to prevent the Stan’s from running down the casing onto it.  I cleaned the inside of the tire with some isopropyl alcohol and applied gorilla tape, and it made a very good bond.  I’m becoming more impressed with gorilla tape the more I use it.

It took a lot more shaking to get the bead airtight at 20psi.  Much more work than the Larry.

This morning I noticed a lot of tiny little white dots on the outside of the Endo casing.  Obviously, these are pores that were sealed by the Stan’s.  Nonetheless, the tire appeared to lose only about 1-2 psi overnight, and I rode the bike to work this morning without incident.

Now I can’t wait for more snow!!!

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