Planning and scheming

Another tiny step forward!
Your Cyclosource order shipped on Dec 29, 2011.

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I have not ordered the New Mexico sections of the trail because I know that I will be too time-constrained to do that state. Originally I was planning to start from Colorado, where I live, and head north, but since I definitely want to make it through the Canada section, I have decided to fly to Banff and then head south for as far as I can get in four weeks.  It would be great if I could ride all the way home to Boulder, but a more realistic goal is Steamboat Springs (approx 1500 miles). I’m planning to use pieces of the Colorado section as weekend shakedown trips so I won’t miss much.

New Year’s Resolutions

Today I received an e-mail from Adventure Cycling asking for people to share their New Year’s Resolutions.  I simply sent them a link to my “About” page, which sums up why I’m so determined to do this ride.  And it got me thinking about past rides I’ve done, and I wanted to share a story from my first Ride the Rockies in 1999.

I was 41 years old at the time.  I pulled into a rest area and sat down at a picnic table next to a rider who was clearly a senior citizen.  I asked him how old he was, and he told me 70.  I said to him without a trace of sarcasm, “Wow, you’re my hero!”  And he replied, “There’s a guy doing the ride this year who is 80.  He’s my hero.”

This blew my mind.  Not that an 80-year old was doing the ride (which is impressive after all).  But it made me realize that the people you look up to as heroes are just everyday people, and they have heroes too.

So get out there and RIDE in 2012!  You just might be somebody’s hero. 🙂

First Ride in the Snow

Well, we’ve had two good snowstorms in the past week and today I got out for my Pugs’ first-ever snow ride!  (I’m not counting playing around in the driveway in a few inches that we received in October.)  Temperature was hovering around 30 degrees and the trail is flat so it was not real arduous.  I had my tire pressure below 5psi, although my gauge isn’t accurate enough to measure it exactly.  For most of the trail I could have ridden a higher pressure, as it was pretty packed down by foot and ski traffic.

These pictures are from the White Rocks Trail outside of Boulder, CO.

Hey, I want to give a shout out to a piece of gear that I was using, that is Minus33 merino wool clothing.  I was wearing their mid-weight long sleeve base layer and balaclava.  It’s like SmartWool only a whole lot cheaper.  Plus, some pieces are available in tall sizes, a huge plus for clydes like me.  I washed it for the first time after returning home, so too early to tell how it holds up.  Update 12/30: I accidentally left my woolies in the dryer too long, intending to only damp-dry but accidentally dried them about 95%.  I’m pleased to report that there was no shrinkage.