First Ride in the Snow

Well, we’ve had two good snowstorms in the past week and today I got out for my Pugs’ first-ever snow ride!  (I’m not counting playing around in the driveway in a few inches that we received in October.)  Temperature was hovering around 30 degrees and the trail is flat so it was not real arduous.  I had my tire pressure below 5psi, although my gauge isn’t accurate enough to measure it exactly.  For most of the trail I could have ridden a higher pressure, as it was pretty packed down by foot and ski traffic.

These pictures are from the White Rocks Trail outside of Boulder, CO.

Hey, I want to give a shout out to a piece of gear that I was using, that is Minus33 merino wool clothing.  I was wearing their mid-weight long sleeve base layer and balaclava.  It’s like SmartWool only a whole lot cheaper.  Plus, some pieces are available in tall sizes, a huge plus for clydes like me.  I washed it for the first time after returning home, so too early to tell how it holds up.  Update 12/30: I accidentally left my woolies in the dryer too long, intending to only damp-dry but accidentally dried them about 95%.  I’m pleased to report that there was no shrinkage.

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