Maps Arrived Today


After considering the route some more, I’ve concluded that’s it’s probably unrealistic to make it all the way to Colorado in only 4 weeks — it would require doing 60 miles a day on dirt with virtually no rest days.  My new plan, which I think is brilliant, is to rent a car in Jackson WY, drive to Steamboat Springs, and ride home from there.  There’s a marked spur off the route to Winter Park, and from Winter Park I can get to Boulder via  Rollins Pass.

My only regret is that I will miss Union Pass in the Wind River / Absaroka range, which is supposed to be beautiful. But on the other hand I’ll also miss the Great Divide Basin, and that’s a trade-off I think I can live with!

2 thoughts on “Maps Arrived Today

  1. This past fall I needed to get from Pinedale to Denver area in a flash so that my riding partner could catch a flight. No problem– seems to be a lot of oil/gas traffic in the area, and we caught a ride all the way to Fort Collins, and ciuld have gone on to Denver. You could try for a ride to Rawlins and resume the route. Perhaps posting on Craigslist a few weeks early for a rideshare is more appealing than standing by the roadside. Perhaps the big-tired machine helps your odds of getting picked up. I still wish I’d had the time for all of Wyoming, it looks nice.

    • I think you missed the gist of my plan. First, when I say Boulder, I mean CO not WY (I should have clarified that). One of my goals is to finish the ride by bike, that is, I don’t want to be driving (myself or in someone else’s car) to Boulder CO on the final day, because the last 50 miles of traffic is horrible and I’d get home as wound up as when I left! So I’d rather drive the Jackson-Steamboat portion and bike-ride home than ride all the way to Steamboat (or Fort Collins) and then drive home. Avis rents cars in Jackson and in Steamboat, and the cost to pick up in one and drop off in the other isn’t too bad ($100-$140 depending on the car). I’m not going to stand by the side of the road with my thumb out.

      There are really three plans, in order from most-preferable to least-preferable. The rental car gives me the flexibility to chose the best plan based upon “conditions on the ground”:
      1. It turns out I’m an animal and the GDMBR is no challenge, I ride the entire way from Banff to Boulder, CO in 4 weeks. Not likely.
      2. I ride about how I expect (~50 miles per day), drive Jackson-Steamboat, and finish riding from there.
      3. Weakness or injury puts me disastrously behind schedule; I can just drive the rental car from Jackson all the way to Boulder, CO.

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