Nitto M12 rack — a no-go

Well, i thought I had the perfect answer to how to carry a dry bag on the front of my bike without strapping it to the handlebars: the Nitto M12 front rack.

This little beauty attaches to the hole in the fork crown and the cantilever bosses, and weighs only 250 grams — that’s less than 9 ounces!

Well, the rack arrived today and unfortunately, there isn’t nearly enough clearance between the arms for a 3.8″ tire.  D’oh!  Why didn’t I see that coming?

Still, this seems clearly to be the right approach to carrying a light load on the front of the bike. All the other racks on the market are twice as heavy, and are way overbuilt for carrying a 5-10 pound load. There is a shop here in town whose owner does his own TIG welding, and I’m going to see if he’s interested in taking on a project like this.

4 thoughts on “Nitto M12 rack — a no-go

    • This thing looks promising, but can you post some measurements? I’d hate to order one and have to send it back too, like I did with the Nitto. I’d like to know the inside width between the struts, also the distance between the two canti mounting holes. Thanks!

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