New! Old Man Mountain racks for fat bikes

OMM is now making the Cold Springs front and rear racks specifically for the Pugsley and the Salsa Mukluk!  Unfortunately, a pair of these will set you back $320.

No published weights for these new racks yet but I sent an e-mail asking for that info.  Will post as soon as I hear something.

Update: well, the reply to my e-mail asking for weights was “1.5 pounds”.  This is disappointingly imprecise; I expected better.  However, I discovered that a different page on the OMM site lists the Cold Springs weight as 610 grams.  I’d imagine the Pugsley specific rack differs mainly in the attachment hardware, so this should be close to the truth.

3 thoughts on “New! Old Man Mountain racks for fat bikes

  1. I got my OMM Cold Springs rear rack two years ago and really like it!!
    At the time they were recommending the C.S. over the Sherpa. More room for clearance.
    Ample clearance, and fit was simple.
    Looking to get the front C.S. This spring for a 2013 run at AH 135.
    Good luck in your pending adventure!!


  2. A-Train makes a nice Pugsley rack, but not any less expensive than the OMM ones. I got my OMM’s at 1/2 price (used) on Ebay, but they don’t show up there very often. Check out these Freeload racks: They look pretty interesting and cost about $100. Amazon and others have them in the US.

    • The Freeload racks are interesting but really heavy. They are designed for bikes with full suspensions and require no braze-ons. The Pugs is a rigid rear end with a plethora of attachment points, so no need for something so complicated as the Freeload.

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