I aired up the Knards yesterday but not before weighing them. FWIW, one weighed 966g and the other, 1000g. At first this seemed like a huge variation but as a percentage of total weight it’s only about 3%.

Started looking online for a “lightweight” spare tire to carry on tour this summer. I know, everybody is going to tell me not to carry a spare, but since I’m touring solo it would be a real drag to destroy a tire 50 miles from anywhere, alone (and the sidewalls on the 120tpi Knard are mighty thin!). It looks 29×2.4 tires are 800g+, so I am either going to bite the bullet and carry a spare Knard, or else carry something much lighter (like a Schwalbe Racing Ralph @628g), that I’ll never use except in dire emergencies.

I was going to try to ride the new hoops this weekend but I don’t have disc rotors yet. I thought about pulling the rotors off the LM wheels but the prospect of moving rotors around does not appeal to me — when I’ve tried to do so in the past I end up with rotors that aren’t flat. So I’m just going to wait until Wednesday, when my new rotors are supposed to arrive. Will change the pads at the same time, as they are really needing it! Stay tuned…


Great MTB Guidebook for Colorado

Went to a talk the other night at the Boulder REI by Dan Hickstein, author of The Mountain Biker’s Guide to Colorado. The book is a totally new take on cycling guidebooks — that is, it’s actually full of useful information! Dan took an entire year off from his graduate school fellowship, living out of his Subaru and biking every trail he could find in Colorado. That bastard, I’m so jealous!

Check out the reviews on Amazon, then buy it at REI and get your 10% member dividend.


Well, lots of activity around here lately. My ex is taking the kids on a 2-week trip right after July 4th, so that gives me two weeks to hit the Divide! I’m planning to drive from my home in Boulder, CO to Butte, MT. From there either I’ll ride north to Polebridge, circle back to Columbia Falls, and rent a car back to Butte, or else I’ll rent the car at the beginning and do the same route in the other direction. It would be somewhat easier to navigate the route N-S because that’s how the map narratives are set up. The advantage of going S-N is that if I find myself running short on time, it’s easy to cut the trip short. Would hate to have to rent a car twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. Still pondering that one.

Incidentally, I may have to change my blog name, because I might not be as “Phat” as originally planned :-). Just this very evening I received these bad-boy hoops from MikeC


Yes, those are genuine Rabbit holes, laced offset for the Pugs, and folding Knards. MikeC is one of the only shops that has all these goodies in stock and ready to go!

I’m going to try these out for the next few weeks to see if I’d rather do the ride on these. I suspect the answer is going to be “yes”, but anything is possible. I’m anxious to see if these will roll as smoothly as the fat wheels. I haven’t weighed them yet, but I’m pretty certain I will save at least 2 pounds per wheel vs the LM/Larry donuts that I’m using right now!

I’ll report back after I’ve aired them up this weekend!