I aired up the Knards yesterday but not before weighing them. FWIW, one weighed 966g and the other, 1000g. At first this seemed like a huge variation but as a percentage of total weight it’s only about 3%.

Started looking online for a “lightweight” spare tire to carry on tour this summer. I know, everybody is going to tell me not to carry a spare, but since I’m touring solo it would be a real drag to destroy a tire 50 miles from anywhere, alone (and the sidewalls on the 120tpi Knard are mighty thin!). It looks 29×2.4 tires are 800g+, so I am either going to bite the bullet and carry a spare Knard, or else carry something much lighter (like a Schwalbe Racing Ralph @628g), that I’ll never use except in dire emergencies.

I was going to try to ride the new hoops this weekend but I don’t have disc rotors yet. I thought about pulling the rotors off the LM wheels but the prospect of moving rotors around does not appeal to me — when I’ve tried to do so in the past I end up with rotors that aren’t flat. So I’m just going to wait until Wednesday, when my new rotors are supposed to arrive. Will change the pads at the same time, as they are really needing it! Stay tuned…

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