Day 1 update

Today was ridiculously easy.  There was about a 4 mile climb out of butte up to the continental divide (at elevation 6400 –  that’s lower than my house!), then a few miles no a paved frontage road, which turned to gravel, which eventually turned to an “nonmaintained cattle access trail”.  Now we’re talking!


It was a gradual downhill for about the next 20miles to basin. The cattle trail was cool, because it was very close to the interstate yet it seemed worlds away.



I got to Basin at 3:15 (didn’t leave until noon!) but it was too late to continue on to Helena. I’m camped at the “Merry Widow Health Mine and Campground.”


I met two southbound riders today from Tennessee,  of all places!

My inReach wasn’t sending tracking points today because I didn’t realize that every time you power it up you have to re enable tracking. So the only tracking point is my campsite next to the river.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure tracking is on since I will be on the most technical section of the trip – the lava mountain trail between basin and Helena.


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