Day 5: Lincoln -Seeley Lake

Today’s ride was long but not difficult. At least the weather was better : 15 degrees cooler than yesterday!

When I left my hotel at 10,everyone told me I had to visit the beef jerky factory on the edge of town. So I didn’t really roll out of town until 10:30. When what, to my wondering eyes, should appear, but two other cyclists! They were stopped, talking to each other, so I caught up to them. One guy, John, from Wales, was heading north, and the other guy, Thane, was heading south. Coincidentally, Thane was from Boulder! When I told him that I was as well, he said he was pretty sure that he had seen me on the bike oath. Thane said he was heading for Butte today, and here it was 11am in Lincoln. John thought this was not possible, but I pointed out to him later that there are lots of riders in Boulder who probably are capable of feats like that.

Anyway, John and I decided to ride together. We were pretty well matched, but that is only because he is carrying at least 20 lbs more than I am. He has been touring for 8 months! He toured for a few months in New Zealand, then flew to Mexico City and rode up here from there! He’s heading to the north end of the trail, then he’s riding to Victoria, and then heading home.

So we ride along for maybe a half hour, and we run into 2 more cyclists. And these two were from England as well.

Later in the day we ran into 2 MORE cyclists, but they were heading downhill and they didn’t stop to talk to us. John said this is a phenomenon that he has seen a lot : he thinks that people are so obsessed with doing the route as fast as they can, they don’t stop for anything. Anyway, saw 6 other riders in one day, that’s pretty amazing.

Because we got going so late, we didn’t get to Ovando until 4:30. This is mainly because we left so late. There is really nothing there except a restaurant. We decided to eat dinner there because otherwise we figured we wouldn’t get a meal until 7pm or so at Seeley Lake. It was a good idea, because it made the rest of the ride a lot easier.

The route after Ovando was really beautiful and it was early evening so the light was very beautiful as well.



We didn’t get to Seeley Lake until 8:30, but that was okay because we’d already had dinner. None of the ride was hard, but it was long at 70 miles. I am staying in a motel, but john is camping to save money. You can’t afford to stay in a motel every night when you’re on a yearlong vacation! And tomorrow night we are both planning to stay at the Holland Lake Lodge because everybody raves about it.

We are on the western edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and tomorrow’s ride is when we are most likely to see bears on the entire route. So it will be a good day to have a traveling companion.

Today I forgot to turn on satellite tracking again, which is why there are no positional updates between Lincoln and Ovando. But tomorrow I will make sure to turn on tracking.

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