Day 8: Bigfork – Whitefish

As I left the campground I took this picture of Flathead Lake. This is as close as I got to it. I think it’s a shame that this is off route. I’m sure many riders go by without ever seeing the lake or the path along the Swan river.

Almost all pavement today. This is just a very well settled (and well-to-do) corner of Montana. It was a very pretty day with clear skies and not too hot. It’s horse country. And look, an actual bike path!


About 5 miles from Columbia falls I caught up with John again! We rode into town together where he wanted a sit down meal but I preferred a sandwich and a quart of chocolate milk from the grocery store. Funny how cheap that guy is but he loves to eat in restaurants. We said goodbye for the third time but this time it will probably be the last as he is heading east into Glacier tomorrow and I’m heading west to Whitefish today. BTW his blog is Check it out.

The last 10 miles into whitish were hard for me because I was just so ready for a rest! Got into town around 5pm and discovered that all of the nice hotels – even midrange hotels – were well over $100 per night! Since I was going to be here for two nights I did feel the need to economize so I ended up at the Cheap Sleep motel about a mile south of downtown. At first I was pretty depressed by the yellow cinder block walls and the icky green carpet, but the people here are very nice and I can see they are doing their best with what they’ve got. Plus in my room I met my new best friend :

That’s real leather, bay-bee! I spend every moment that I’m not actually sleeping (like right now for example) in that chair!

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