Switzerland trail and Gordon Gulch

Today I rode some of the local trails in the foothills of Boulder. I used to ride these all the time but for some reason I haven’t been up here in a few years.

I started out riding up four mile Canyon to the Switzerland trail. This is an old narrow gauge railroad bed that’s been converted. At the Sugarloaf Mountain parking area I rode 50 yards down a dead end trail to a spot that I like a lot. My phone camera did not do this justice ; there are snow capped peaks back there but there wasn’t enough contrast with the sky.


Then I continued on towards the peak to Peak highway. At FS233 I took a left toward Gordon gulch. After a hair raising downhill,


I came to the gg trail.


Gg used to have one short rocky section and then it was all smooth singletrack. The rocky section is just like I remembered.


However, after this there was a lot of torn up trail – – probably flood damage from last fall.




Eventually the damage was behind me and I achieved the state of Flow that gg is famous for.



The flow ended all too quickly and then I was back on Sugarloaf road heading for home.

If you are interested in this ride go to Mtbproject.com and search for Gordon gulch.

2 thoughts on “Switzerland trail and Gordon Gulch

  1. Do you ever ride your phat bike on Urban roads and not just in the trails? I know phat bike feel way more natural on gravel and dirty but I’ve been very surprised at how well they can handle as a commuter.

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