Warning: Extreme Vertigo!


The above is a picture of what is called “The Narrows”. Man, it is hard to stand there without feeling like you are falling forward. And there’s no guard rail either.
Further on, some viewpoints give a view of the river itself.


I have a lot more pictures, but I can’t tell which ones are good looking at my phone screen, so I’ll wait until I can look at them on my laptop before posting any more.

So it was a really hot ride, uphill into a headwind, and I was worried about running our of water. I saw a family at one of the viewpoints (I was nearly the only one out there) and asked them if they had any water to spare. The guy said sure, and pulled a cooler our of his truck. When he made to undo the drain plug, I asked him what he had in the cooler. “Nothing but ice and water ” he assured me, and he opened it to show me some soda cans floating in ice water. Okay, I figured, the water might have some dirt from the outside of the cans but basically should be okay.  What a mistake! The water had an odd taste that I couldn’t quite place. I said to him, “this tastes like food, maybe lettuce or something but with a hint of garlic.” He acted bewildered. When I caught up with them at the next viewpoint, I asked the guy again what he might have had in there. “Oh, yeah, we had some sandwiches in there that got wet.” About 20 more minutes of drinking this crappy water, it finally hit me: dill pickles. (Note how close my original impression was, before I knew about the sandwiches; maybe I have a future as a wine sommelier.) I also began to notice that my mouth was really dry, and that drinking the water did not help. In fact the more I drank, the drier my mouth got. This was probably due to the vinegar.
I was pretty pissed off about it, especially since the return trip was so fast, I probably wouldn’t have run out of water anyway!
Lesson learned: never trust anyone not to be a complete idiot. Reminds me of a plaque one of my housemates a long long time ago had hanging above the door to his room:

    Love many
    Trust few
    Always paddle your own canoe.

I should never have let that guy touch my paddle!

On the way back I noticed that you can see Needle Rock from just about anywhere out here. Can you spot it?

I even have a view of it from outside my room at the B&B. In fact I have a view of just about everything!

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