Crawford to Blue Mesa

Well,I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ride at all today. Last night I awoke with a cramp in my calf that was so vicious, it actually pulled the muscle! I was limping around this morning. I took it on faith that riding would stretch it out and make it better instead of worse.

Luckily, SH 92 is a very gentle climb. The grade rarely exceeds 4%, which was lucky, because I was carrying an extra 4 liters of water–that’s about 9 pounds–because I was pretty sure there was no water anywhere on the route. (Which turned out to be true.) So I just took it easy and spun along in a low gear. The climb went on for about 20 miles, 3600 feet total. It seemed like it would never end, but at least I was able to do it.

Also, the road had close to zero traffic; in over 4 hours of riding, I was passed by around 50 cars. (I counted them to pass the time.) The pavement is great. All in all,a road biker’s dream road.

Here are some pictures. The mountain range in the background is the San Juans:




When I got to lake view campground, I discovered there were showers here. So even though it was only 2:30 I decided to stop. I’m basically killing time here with nothing to do, but I’ll turn in early and get a super early start tomorrow for the push back to CB.

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