Early season training

As promised, I’m going to keep a log of my training this spring here, for the benefit of both 🙂 of my loyal readers.

Last week (fifth week of the year, Sunday – Saturday) I managed to pedal 34km. That may not sound like much, but (a) it’s January, (b) I’m trying not to ride pavement, and (c) that includes 1300m of climbing! Work it out, that’s better than a 7% average grade.

Fortunately it’s been unseasonably warm and dry for a few weeks, so a lot of the dirt roads around here are rideable. There are still patches of ice and mud on north-facing sections, which really slows things down. And I have to hose off the bike after every ride.

However, it is starting to snow even as I write this, and by the time it’s over 36 hours from now we’re supposedly going to have 16 inches on the ground. Guess I’ll be fatbiking this week!

In other developments: I did purchase a shorter stem for the Gnarvester, but when I went to install it I noticed that the faceplate wasn’t tightening down evenly. I took out my ridiculously accurate digital calipers and found that the center bulge in the handlebar was not uniform — it was about 31.8 on one side and 32 and a few tenths (don’t remember exactly) on the other side. At first I thought “manufacturing defect that I never noticed until now”, but then I remembered a crash I had in early 2015 that slammed that end of the handlebar against the gound hard, and I think perhaps that deformed the bar. Now the bar is titanium, so I’m sure it’s safe to use, but cracking the stem clamp is what I’m worried about. So… time for a new bar too.


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