Week 7

Well, last week (week 6) was pretty much a bust. We had about 16″ of wet snow on Tuesday 2/2, which you can’t ride through even on a fatbike. But I was psyched for the weekend, when the trails at Brainerd Lake would be packed down. Unfortunately, when the weekend arrived the wind forecast for that area was 40mph — not uncommon at 10,000 feet in Colorado! But the weather was really warm on Sunday, so I drove down to the Marshall Mesa trailhead south of Boulder to do some fatbiking. Big mistake — Up at Brainard, the trails are beautifully smooth because the only feasible way to use those trails is on snowshoes or skis. But down at the elevation of Boulder, people hike the snowy trails without any equipment, although there was still snow, it was so full of hiker footprints that it was miserable riding.

Anyway, the weather warmed up a lot and I did manage to get out two more times, including today. I did some easy rides straight up Four Mile canyon, because I figured the road would be a lot drier than the typical canyon-wall-type rides that I like. Wrong! Coated in mud every ride. Still, I managed a total of 48km this week, and 883m of climbing.


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