Fatbike Mania

Here’s an interesting read from an Alaska newspaper about the rising popularity of fat bikes.


GDMBR Canada Tour 2012

Adventure Cycling has just announced their guided tour schedule for 2012.  They are doing the GDMBR Canada section (Banff, AB -> Whitefish, MT) from July 15 to July 24, 2012.

I actually thought for a moment about signing up for this; it would be a good start to the route, and then I could continue on by myself after Whitefish.  But then I saw the cost! $1399 for camping and carrying your own gear?  WTF?  I’d rather spend that money on an occasional well-earned hotel stay during my trip!

AC is offering one other tour that looked tempting to me: Denali.  But I’m committed to the GDMBR next year; Denali will have to wait.